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Established in 1990, SOLIDE - Support of Lebanese in Detention and Exile - is a Lebanese NGO that works with Lebanese communities in Lebanon and around the world on the cases of Lebanese victims of enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention and exile. Our focus on such cases is a part of a wider human rights advocacy policy.

We work in a holistic integrated way, involving a wide range of individuals and organizations within the community to build a shared approach to achieving our vision, mission and our aims.


In December 29, 1989, Support of Lebanese in Detention and Exile, a small group of volunteers known as SOLIDE launched a campaign by television and radio calling on the people to come forward and report the missing of their loved ones. On the same day the group distributed a manual describing human rights violation at the hands of the Syrian security forces in addition to the torture methods in Syrian prisons. The major activity of the day was a large 'human chain' that spread from Beirut to the Pontifical embassy in Harisa – Jounieh (17 kilometers to the north of Beirut). In a period of 2 months, hundreds of cases were reported to the group. Since the beginning of 1990 SOLIDE has been active in its campaign against the crimes of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance at the hands of the Syrian army and intelligence apparatus in Lebanon.


Arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance and torture are crimes against humanity and the situation in Lebanon from 1975 until 2005 allowed for these violations to happen on a large, continuous and systematic manner and the result was 17,000 victims of enforced disappearance. The perpetrators were the local Lebanese militias and the 3 regional powers namely the PLO, Syria and Israel. SOLIDE’s work is to highlight these violations in general and the Syrian army’s violations in particular and to set in motion a campaign for the establishment of a national commission of investigation. SOLIDE is pushing forward for a campaign to exhume all the mass graves in Lebanon. It also calls for the establishment of a DNA database for all the families of the disappeared. Our final objective is to see an end to the problem of the Lebanese victims of enforced disappearance, and to make sure that no human rights violations in Lebanon would happen with impunity through a serious and major reform in the Lebanese penal law.


The Team

Ghazi Aad

He earned his BA from the American University of Beirut and began his human rights activism during the civil war when he witnessed how the Syrian army engaged in enforced disappearances. As the director of SOLIDE he has been working closely with local and international humanitarian organizations and has given lectures on this subject at universities and conferences around the world. For all questions related to SOLIDE, the political work of SOAL, for invitations for lectures and seminars, and for contacts to families of victims of enforced disappearance please contact him at Aad@solidelb.org

Download his complete C.V.

Toni Rouhana

Toni holds a MS in Computer Engineering from Antonine University. He is the webmaster of solidelb.org. For suggestions on how to improve the site please contact him at toni@solidelb.org 

More Volunteers

As Solide is an independent NGO and never received funding from any local or international organization it has relied on the support of many volunteers to accomplish its goals. Throughout the years many persons have supported its activities in diverse ways. As a token of appreciation, Ghazi Aad would like to thank the following SOLIDE people: 

Cofounder: Fadel Tayar.

Archiving material: Ramy Saliba.

Sit-in organizers: Jihad Aad, Stephanie Tayar, Elie Mansour, Francois Nader, Richard Merheb, Hala Kanaan, Hadi Soueid, Clara Tayar, Toni Orian and Lina Geadah.

Media: Wassim Henoud, Marie Claire Feghali, Christine Cheikh.